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FAA 145 Repair Station

Allflight Corporation FAA PKR3654Y has become one of the leading repairs and overhaul (MRO) organizations serving the aviation industry. Starting out as technicians, our senior management team have been promoted within the company. The experience and technical knowledge they’ve gained will guide their teams in the right direction so new team members are trained with nothing less than excellence. This will provide the highest return on the most valuable commodity of all – your time.
  1. Allflight FAA 145 Repair Station (PKR3654Y) focuses on the Repair and Overhaul of Window and Windshield Assemblies, Flight Surface Controls, Structural / Exhaust Rotables, as well as Interior Assemblies for a wide array of commercial aircraft platforms.
  2. Allflight's has the capability to perform maintenance on manufacturers such as regional and international jets airplanes manufactured by Boeing, Bombardier, ATR, Airbus and Embraer.