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Founded in 1997, Infinity Air Group is dedicated to offering its internal and external clients the best products and services available on the market. Established in 3 of the 4 corners of the continental United States, Infinity empowers clients globally with repair, OEM and aftermarket support. The success of our operation is founded upon our accumulation of real-world experience, use of open communication and implementation of encouraged innovation.

Each day Infinity Air Group works towards creating a better product and a better experience for our clients. Located in Miami, Fl and Seattle, Wa, our in house Repair Station - Allflight has capabilities for multiple ATA chapters, with a focus on ATA chapters 27, 57, 71, 78. With specialized and extensive experience with Boeing / Airbus commercial aircraft parts, our AOG Team is ready 24/7, 365 days per year to provide reliable, responsive and expert service. Each day we hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards in quality, product and delivery. 

Infinity Air Group Timeline


Allflight Corp. FAA #PK3R654Y - Seattle Division officially opens making AFS the longest standing ATA 56 focused FAA 145 Repair Station in Seattle, WA.


Infinity Air, Inc. establishes its Executive HQ in Los Angeles, California specializing in aircraft parts trading and leasing.


Infinity Air, Inc. LAX obtains ASA 100 Certification.


Infinity Air Inc. acquires Allflight Corp. FAA 145 Repair Station forming Infinity Air Group.


Infinity Air, Inc. strategically opens a new facility in Miami Florida under the leadership of Ali Djomeh.


Infinity Air Inc. - Miami division passes its first ASA 100 audit to become officially accredited.


Infinity Air, Inc - Los Angeles facility obtains ISO 9001:2008 Certification.


Infinity Air Inc. - Miami Division transitions to a new state-of-the-art 30,000 square foot facility to accommodate rapid growth and increase in market share.


Allflight Corp. - Miami Division is officially awarded Repair Station Certifications under FAA license number 8A9R791B.


Allflight Corp. FAA #PK3R654Y 145 Repair Station - Seattle Divison develops new repair capabilities to support flight surface control repairs, (ATA Chapters 27, 55 & 57) and successfully repairs units for Air Canada, Cathy Pacific and UPS.


To accommodate expansion of demand, Allflight Corp. FAA 145 #PK3R654Y Repair Station - Seattle Division transfers operations to a larger more modern 90,000 square foot facility. 


Infinity Air, Inc. obtains AS9120A Certification.


Allflight Corp. FAA #PK3R654Y 145 Repair Station - Seattle Divison continues to advance repair capabilities by adding ATA Chapters 71 (Power Plant) and 78 (Exhaust) to its capabgrowing list.


Infinity Air Group begins manufacturing units composed of advanced composite material for clients worldwide.


Infinity Air Group renews its strong distribution partnership with UTAS/Collins Aerospace.


Infinity Air Group’s MFG Division applies for AS9100 Certification.


Allflight Corp. MFG secures an extensive long term contract for its ATA 21 deliverables.


Allflight Corp. establishes ATA 25-60 capability, enabling the repair of evacuation slides effective to Boeing and Airbus commercial jetliners.


Continuing to dedicate our resources to serving our customer’s globally in the most effective and efficient manner possible.

Infinity Air Group Team