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Infinity Air Leasing is one of the leading aircraft leasing companies in the world and is headquartered in the United States in the city of Los Angeles, CA with offices in Seattle, WA and Miami, FL. Our highly experienced team of commercial aviation industry professionals serve markets in The Americas, Europe, Middle East, and Asia-Pacific. With over 100 employees, we provide responsive , flexible and competitive operating lease solutions to airlines worldwide. Infinity Air Leasing represents a broad aircraft portfolio primarily focused on the Boeing 737 Series and Airbus A320 Series Families of aircraft.

Program Description

• Aircraft advisory and arranging on behalf of airlines, including, aircraft disposal, technical support, sale and leaseback and aircraft acquisition by way of either purchase or lease.

• The leasing of aircraft by way of operating lease or finance lease to start-up and operating airlines, providing quick and constructive equipment solutions to all airlines implementing fleet expansion plans.

• The sourcing of all types of aircraft operating lease assets for major institutional and higher risk equity investors. The aircraft acquired and managed by AMS include both commercial and corporate/government flight equipment.

• Arranging aircraft financing for regional, start-up and emerging airlines and for Government and Corporate aircraft customers.

• Providing services to manage aircraft lease portfolios for Institutional and Private Investors.

• Repair Services through our Allflight Repair Facility in Seattle, WA.

• Rotable & Expendable parts through our direct-from-manufacturer relationships.

• 24/7 AOG Service Worldwide

• Our leasing services can provide you with anything you need at any time. Our goal is to help you remain in the air.

Infinity Air Sky Program

A long-term lease is ideal for those who have thoroughly explored their aircraft requirements and can confidently commit to a specific aircraft for their dedicated use. Our IA SKY PROGRAM is your solution to meet this need. The obvious benefit of a long-term lease is the lower interest rate (generally 0.6% to 0.95% of the hull value of the aircraft) when based on a seven to ten year term. Payment of the monthly lease rate covers only the use of the aircraft, leaving the client responsible for the cost of mechanical maintenance and operating expenses.

Dry Lease:

The client pays a monthly lease fee for the use of the aircraft plus an hourly maintenance and engine reserve fee. The IA SKY PROGRAM does not include the additional costs of fuel, pilots, hanger, insurance, etc. Those costs are a-la-carte and are available for additional costs and fees as to your needs.

Infinity Air Flight Program

Whether a client is new to the field of aviation services, unsure of which aircraft to choose or has their own aircraft unavailable for repair and maintenance, the IA FLIGHT PROGRAM (Short-term Aircraft Rentals) is ideal for those who seeking a short-term aircraft lease.

The benefit of this program is the allowance built in for the aircraft's maintenance costs. By paying a specified hourly reserve (which varies for each aircraft) for engine and maintenance, the lessee is alleviated for any unanticipated repairs or routine maintenance costs that occur during the lease period.

Wet Lease:

The client pays a monthly flat lease fee which includes insurance, engine and maintenance reserves, crew, hanger and fuel. IA FLIGHT PROGRAM manages all aspects of the aircraft.

Our services are available for customization for our clients needs. We have the capacity to mix and match the terms of our programs for a tailor-made solution for your aviation leasing needs. Contact us today to schedule to schedule an appointment to speak to one of our qualified leasing specialists.

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