In The Right Direction

I am proud of the changes and betterment at both Allflight and Infinity Air. Just like with any type of disorder it takes a strong Team to tackle the unique combination of heredity, environment, culture and conditions that can cause anything from an eating disorder to Quality. One person cannot do it alone; it takes a family to change a lifestyle.

I am proud today to see this Team working as a family to change our lifestyle and culture. More so we are doing it together with a Sense of Ownership. Our latest effort that supported Delta Airlines AOG for the A320 Flight surface control, clearly demonstrated our Team work, our capabilities, our ingenuity and our dedication to quality. Each facility from MIA to LAX to SEA contributed to its success. Even when we were confronted with unexpected challenges we still triumphed in the end. The result was a happy customer, in this case Delta Airlines.

The same integrity, quality and reliability will go in to each unit we repair, overhaul and modify. We stand by this commitment with real action; no parts will leave Allflight without a fresh tag, all previously repaired, overhauled, modified inventory will be re-inspected for paper work and quality and reworked. That’s a huge challenge and change and it will take Team work from each member of this organization.

I am proud of each person’s contribution to change and I can sense that each person is proud of their own accomplishments. Tackling obstacles and creating notable work together allows the company to grow and achieve our goals, our mission and objectives.

Let’s be great and build the Company of Choice!


Jimmy Wu


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